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This fine unused vintage white border postcard features the Havoline Thermometer
at the 1934 Chicago World's Fair - A Century of Progress International Exposition.

The signs at the bottom of the thermometer building says "Havoline Motor Oil" on the left and right, and "The Texas Company" at the bottom. This is one of the harder Chicago World's Fair postcards to find,an oil advertising post card published in 1934 by Indian Refining Company.

The back side of the card is also great (click "More Images" above to see the back).

A red, black and white oil can labeled Havoline Motor Oil is imprinted on the lower left,with the text "If it's in this can, it's the new Havoline". Informative text at the top of the back describes the "World's Tallest Thermometer ...Higher than a 21-story building. The Havoline thermometer is the recognized meeting place for visitors to the Century of Progress. It shows accurate temperatures day and night.
Erected by the makers of Havoline Motor Oil Waxfree, the oil that protects your engine at all temperatures. Sold in sealed cans at all Texaco Service Stations and dealers. "Meet me at the Havoline Thermometer".

Excellent condition.

Type Of Card: White Border
Used/Unused: Unused
Publisher: Indian Refining Company
Size: Standard


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